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E2 Holdings (Materials) is the appointed Official Online Reseller for 2D Materials Pte Ltd (2DM).

As a strategic partner, we work together closely to support our clients’ objectives to expand the frontier of materials application through the use of Graphene. From academic research work to product enhancement, please feel free to get in touch.

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- Proven Applications

  • 3x more sensitive magnetic sensors
  • 4x longer lasting
  • 2x faster charging batteries
  • ½ weight composite structures
  • 3x longer lasting corrosion protection
  • ½ Antifouling
  • 10x more resistance concrete against sewage corrosion
  • 3x more resistance aluminum against weld corrosion

- Graphene Flake vs Fake?

Are you frustrated with the progress of your graphene research work?

Are you burning valuable resources to develop your graphene applications with little to no success?

If yes, you are not alone and it’s most likely due to no fault of yours.

In fact, chances are the high the “Graphene” that you have been using has no Flake… and is Fake.

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High Performance Graphene?

High Purity (C>95%) · Consistent Quality · Scalable Production

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